Don't Wait For The End Of The World!

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21 апреля 2016 - Григорий Неделько

Gregory Week

(Grigory Nedelko)


Don’t Wait For The End Of The World!


Shops, salons, radiomarkets, they all have invited him for nothing of a kind of the disc. Even dusty lone sellers never had held such a desired thing. What to do?! Oh no idea!.. But he won’t let it like this... if he’ll be able to!

Now there’s a little needed time for relaxing. Sat on a kerb, he let his empty eyes to look at nowhere...

Breaking the veil of thinking, unknown voice has touched him:

“Wanna the disc?”

There was a very simple lonely one, a street seller, ready to take his money but give him the program of big importance, big wishing and big dead end necessity!

“How much?”

Selling man told the price.

He wasn’t trying to reduce it, nervously pushed money, grabbed a box with a glittering little circle in it – and started to run to a bus stop.

...A public transport was crawling slower than stricken down inchworm, and he, being totally restless, all time of the travel was twisting at a seat. Finally, when doors opened he jumped out of a bus and, like a teenager, dashed home.

Entered his flat, he rapidly got rid of a jacket and shoes, ran into the room speedly. Switched a computer on; burning by impatience, waited ‘till it was loaded, and he inserted the disc.

“Just few seconds, - he thought. – Just a second...”

When a couple of moments or may be centuries have passed he saw the writing. His hand moved a “mouse”, a cursor flown in a button with a short word “Yes”. However before approving he reread written on a screen once again:

“Do you really want to make The End Of The World for yourself?”

Suddenly he remembered wife.


Mother- & father-in-law.



People on streets.

And all other persons.

Then his minds were struck with words: job, creche, alimony, salary, firing, boozing... And more, more...

Damn he was so sick about these things!

He clicked with a “mouse” button.


And leaned back in his stool waiting for the result. But there was nothing more than new writing on a monitor. He was watching it, surprised; after that read it few times. The reality was still here so the writing wasn’t going to disappear.

As a conclusion, now understanding a whole matter, he let his head down on hands and cried soundlessly.

Here’s that writing:


“Newer version of “Personal Apocalypse” was found.

Update is impossible. Installation aborted”.


(2010, September)

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